Woke – Never wake up alone.


Project Updates

22 Dec

First video introduction in Chinese, for a pitch event in California.

3 Dec

Here is a new version of our product presentation.


8 Oct

We have came up with some wireframes that are the very first time combines social interaction with morning alarm! Very excited!

4 Sep

Here is the very first preview of our design on alarm view.

9 Jun

In July 2013, We started Project SocioAlarm with a simple idea: what gets you out of bed is not your boring daily routine but your passion for life. If your alarm could be more than just a cold ringtone, but instead a soft voice that wakes you out of bed, feeling being supported by friends, it could now set off your day with a smile.


The Team

We are a team of five, based in NYC, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with extensive experience in Mobile Development, User Experience Designing, Project Management and Marketing.

Lei Zhang, Co-Founder/Product Manager

Kenny Chen, Co-Founder/Project Manager

Shu Shen, Co-Founder/Tech Lead

Mr.W, User Experience Designer

Doris K., Marketer